Your hypnotherapy sessions
Free initial session


I suggest that your first session with me is a free 20 minute initial consultation. This is a chance for you to meet me and to ask any questions. This can help if you're not sure whether hypnotherapy or counselling is for you. You are never under any obligation to book a further session. If I feel that another sort of therapy might be better for you I can refer you to someone else.

Number of sessions

For some issues a couple of sessions will be enough, for others I would suggest between three to eight sessions. Sessions are usually booked week by week. To begin with, weekly sessions are most effective, but fortnightly or monthly sessions can be useful in some cases. 

Your first session

Your first consultation will last one hour 30 minutes. The first half will be spent discussing your issues and concerns and taking a brief personal and medical history. We'll then work out your goals and talk about what you would like to achieve. During the hypnotherapy session, you'll sit or lie on a comfortable reclining chair while I speak to you in a slow and calming tone of voice. You will feel extremely relaxed but still very much aware of your surroundings. At the end of the session you will be safely and comfortably re-orientated back to full awareness. Depending on what you've come to see me about I might give you a task or work you can do at home before your next session. This might include listening to a short guided relaxation recording each day.

Follow up sessions


Follow-up sessions will last for one hour. We'll talk about how you've been since our last session and discuss changes and improvements. These sessions will also include hypnosis and/or counselling.