Stop smoking for good

I offer a two session approach to stopping smoking. This has proved very successful even with the heaviest of smokers, regardless of their age, how much or how long they’ve smoked. What is important is that you really want to give up for good. 


In the first session (90 minutes) we will talk about your history of smoking, what and when you smoke and the positive reasons for you to stop. I use a combination of hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which I have found to be the most effective in helping you gain lasting results. At this first session we will set your 'Quit for good day' and you will go away with 'pattern disruption' changes which will be unique to you, this will really help you to quit for good.


In our second session (up to 90 minutes), which is your 'Quit for good day' we will review your progress so far, talk about effective strategies to help in the following weeks and have plenty of time to enjoy your hypnosis. 


Our sessions will be equally as effective if you're looking to quit smoking cigarettes, roll ups, E-cigarettes or if you are vaping.