Hypnotherapy can help you with:
Phobias and fears
Flying phobia
Dental & medical fears & phobias
Needle phobia
Spiders, animal fears & phobias
Excess worry
Fear & nervousness 
Nightmares & night terrors
Panic attacks
Post trauma stress (PTSD)
Stage fright


Confidence and test nerves
Exam & test nerves
Driving & driving test nerves
Public speaking
Interview preparation
Confidence & self belief
Sport & work performance
Sleep disorders and stress
Insomnia & sleep disturbance
Stress reduction
Enhancing creativity
Removing writers & artist blocks
Improving focus & concentration
Teenagers issues
Friendship & bullying issues
Nail biting, hair pulling & thumb sucking
Anxiety, stress or panic
Test & exam nerves
Sleeping difficulties
Lack of confidence
Fear of the dentist & medical procedures

Habits and compulsive behaviours

Alcohol, excessive & binge drinking

Compulsive spending

Knuckle cracking & nail biting

Nervous cough or twitch

Obsessive behaviour

Hair pulling

Thumb sucking

Quitting smoking
Chocolate & sugar addiction
Physical and emotional health issues
Coming to terms with loss
Chronic anger
Irrational guilt
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Menopause symptoms & PMS
Migraine & headaches
Pain management 
Food issues & weight management 
Depressive low moods

Personal change and goal setting

Improving concentration

Setting goals

Shifting procrastination


Finding the right partner

Dealing positively with unhealthy relationships

Improving existing relationships

Coping with broken relationships, separation, divorce or bereavement