Confidence & feeling good about yourself

Perhaps you  would like to feel and be more confident. It might be that you've lost confidence such as failed a driving test too many times, or had an accident. It might feel too difficult to give a presentation at work, at school or college or you might need help with a job interview, an audition or at any event where you have to speak in public. 


It might be that you want to simply feel happier and more at home in your own skin, to feel more comfortable, to be able to meet new people and to speak up for yourself. To enjoy parties or social events - or just to deal with everyday events on your own. 

Or you might feel like you hate or dislike yourself, that you feel worthless, not good enough or feel like no one likes you. Unable to recognise your strengths, you might blame yourself for things that aren't your fault and feel undeserving of happiness.

We can work together to help you overcome a lack of confidence by using hypnosis and counselling.

Over the years I've helped:

  • Teenagers & students build confidence taking exams and tests

  • People to find more inner confidence, to feel more likeable and feel that they are 'good enough'

  • Business people giving presentations and help with interview nerves

  • Partners recovering from break ups

  • Horse riders who've fallen off their horses and find it difficult to get back on

  • Sports women and men achieve their maximum performance

  • Actors gaining work or overcoming ‘stage-fright’

  • People returning to work after a long break

  • Those with driving test nerves