Enhancing creativity and clearing blocks

Hypnosis can help writers, poets, artists and other creative people. 

It can help by:

  • Lowering anxiety

  • Dealing with negative self-talk

  • Increasing motivation

  • Finding effective ways of stopping procrastination

  • Releasing the creative power of the subconscious

  • Building self-confidence

Many creative people, when feeling at their best enter a trance-like state where distractions and anxiety disappear. “After what seems like minutes, you may glance at the clock and see you’ve been working for hours.”


However, at other times creative people can struggle - you may experience writer’s block or feel that your creative juices have dried up. Hypnotherapy can help to remove these obstacles and give you back your creativity.

If your problem is not coming up with ideas, but staying focused for long enough to get them on paper or apply them, hypnotherapy can help as well. It can help you increase your focus and improve your working habits, so that not only do you have ideas, but also the ability to organise and work on them.

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